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Kicking off my first ever blog...

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I have finally finished the website for my biz. The lockdown period has had a few advantages, one being time at home to concentrate on this long overdue task. It has taken hours of twiddling and faffing and still needs work but it is finally up and running, so let me introduce you to Maud Vaughan Interiors;

Maud Vaughan is named after my Grandmother who first inspired my love of antiques and interiors. Maud was very stylish, she never let a day pass without putting on her smart turban and dash of lipstick. She lived in a tiny little cottage in Wales which was always beautifully furnished with art and antiques. My mother became involved in the antiques world at a young age, opening her first shop at just 21 years old. I suppose you could say it is in the blood, but if you had told me as a young person i would one day want my own antiques business I would have thought you were mad! I HATED being dragged round antique fairs and auctions not to mention Antique Road Show every Sunday evening. But something must have stuck because when I first started to renovate and decorate my own homes I seemed to naturally gravitate back to those auctions and antiques fairs to seek out one-off timeless pieces. I bought safe in the knowledge that not only was I buying something no one else had, but that those pieces would more often than not be beautifully crafted and so much better quality than the modern furnishings I could afford at the time.

As my collection grew I started to sell some of it and this turned in to a bit of a side hustle alongside 'proper jobs' and bringing up children.I also developed a keen interest in interior design, devouring interiors and fashion magazines and went on the study interior design at the Chelsea College of Arts. For a long time I have wanted to set up a decorative antiques business and run it as a full time job and last year I decided to take the plunge, setting up Maud Vaughan Interiors, first on Instagram and now, finally, with its own website.


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